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Tom Ford Pink Kush (Indica) – AAA+

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Strain Information: Tom Ford Pink Kush

Tom Ford Pink Kush, also known as Island Pink, TFPK, or Super Pink, is an exceptionally rare Indica-dominant strain. With a genetic composition of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa, it stands out as a unique and sought-after cannabis variety. The precise origins of this strain are shrouded in mystery, known only to a select few. Speculations suggest that it could be a hybrid resulting from crossing Pink Kush with another hybrid strain.

While the lineage remains undisclosed, one thing is certain: Tom Ford Pink Kush is named after the renowned fashion designer, Tom Ford. This strain exudes an air of luxury and elegance, often referred to as the epitome of sophistication. Its aesthetic appeal is captivating, but it doesn’t stop there—Tom Ford Pink Kush also delivers a remarkable experience in terms of flavor, aroma, and effects.




Aroma: Imagine the olfactory essence of a Tom Ford perfume collection. Although not an exact match, Tom Ford Pink Kush boasts a luxurious and extravagant scent. It tantalizes the senses with a delightful fusion of citrusy and sweet notes. Upon breaking the buds, you’ll be greeted by aromas of tangy lemons, warm honey, and subtle undertones of wood and earth. When ignited, hints of diesel and pine intermingle, creating a captivating aromatic profile.

Flavor: The taste of Tom Ford Pink Kush is as divine as its scent. Upon inhalation, an earthy flavor sets the stage, followed by a harmonious blend of diesel-like and woody notes intertwined with delicate hints of candy and lemon.

Appearance: Visually, Tom Ford Pink Kush surpasses expectations, boasting unparalleled beauty. Its dense, rounded buds exhibit shades of purple and pink leaves. The vibrant orange-pink pistils further enhance its allure, while a generous coating of crystal-like trichomes adorns the surface. Breaking apart these buds can be a bittersweet experience, given their irresistible attractiveness.

Effects: Being a top-tier strain with a high THC concentration, Tom Ford Pink Kush induces a potent and enduring buzz. Its onset can elicit a euphoric high, imbuing feelings of happiness and creativity. Gradually, the effects cascade throughout the body, leading to a state of blissful relaxation. Before you know it, you may find yourself comfortably nestled on your couch, experiencing the best sleep of your life.

Medical Benefits: Due to its robust potency, Tom Ford Pink Kush is a favored choice among medical cannabis users. It is often utilized to alleviate conditions such as insomnia, stress, fatigue, depression, and anxiety.

THC Content: Tom Ford Pink Kush typically contains THC levels ranging from 23% to 28%.

Where to Buy Tom Ford Pink Kush Strain Online: For cannabis enthusiasts, trying out Tom Ford Pink Kush is a must. Just a few puffs of this exceptional strain can transport you into a realm of relaxation and serenity. Don’t hesitate any longer—indulge in this delightful experience and witness the magic unfold!


3.5g(1/8 Ounce), 7g(1/4 Ounce), 28g(1 ounce)


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